December 12-16, 2014
In Bethesda, Maryland
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   I invite you to join me in exploring ways that I can assist you in creating greater health and happiness.
   The areas of my professional life spiral around healing — with macrobiotic lifestyle and dietary approach, and acupuncture.
   In healing, I have devoted over 40 years to helping people with a wide variety of problems.
   To these main approaches for healing — macrobiotics and acupuncture — I have combined additional insights that add greater success to your healing. These are powerful, low-tech and personal. They can profoundly assist your body’s ability to change and heal. This becomes true healing when you take an active role in your healing process. Then anyone can recover their health.

My Healing Work Includes

• Personal Macrobiotic &
Lifestyle Counseling
• Acupuncture Practice
• Teaching Macrobiotics &
Oriental Medicine
• Lecturing & Counseling in
the U.S.A. and Europe






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Basic Alchemy

Macrobiotic & Oriental Healing
November 7-10, 2014

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We now have
articles from
MacroMuse Magazine
that were published by Michael
Rossoff from 1982-1988.
See some of the articles from these
early years
and you will know how
timeless and valuable they are.

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for article.

Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.

Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.
Macrobiotic Counselor
Oriental Medicine & Macrobiotic Teacher


Fax: 206-600-6218

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In the News

While in London, England in May 2009, Michael was interviewed for a website call The Listening Spheres. The title of the interview is “The Art of Listening.” He shares his insights of the healer’s skills for listening into the body, mind, emotions and spiritual states that contribute to knowing the whole person.
For a .pdf copy of the interview, click on the title below:
Art of Listening


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E-mail: Michael@MichaelRossoff.com

Fax: 206-600-6218

Asheville, North Carolina

Short Biography
of Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.

Michael has been involved in macrobiotic and natural healing for 44 years. After studies with Michio Kushi in the ’60s and ’70s, he directed various macrobiotic centers in the Washington, D.C. area for 20 years. In addition to teaching and counseling, he published a macrobiotic magazine, MacroMuse, for 7 years in the 1980s. Further, Michael has taught in many cities in America, Canada, Europe and in Israel. He continues to travel for teaching and counseling in the U.S. (most frequently to the Washington, DC area) plus England.

"I am licensed to practice acupuncture & Oriental medicine in
North Carolina and Maryland. I have been in practice since 1978 and still love my work.
The challenges and satisfaction that comes from helping you to heal are very fulfilling."

He studied acupuncture in England in the 1970s with J.R. Worsley at the College of Chinese Acupuncture and has practiced continuously since 1978. He did further studies for the entire year of 1999 at the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Michael was the academic dean and a core teacher at Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine outside of Asheville, North Carolina for three years. He maintains a private counseling and acupuncture practice plus teaches occasionally in other cities. Further, he has regularly taught shiatsu massage (basic & advanced) at the N.C. School of Natural Healing in Asheville from 1997 through 2008.

Michael is appreciated for his attentiveness to each client’s history and current needs and for his ability to give clear and valuable explanations and feedback. His healing work as a counselor focuses on the detailed recommendations of foods and lifestyle changes, and reaches to the subtle qualities of mind and spirit that can profoundly impact someone’s life.  He is also a gifted acupuncturist with the ability to effect deep and lasting changes.

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